Christopher Ivor (DE)

Music has always been and always will be an important part of his life. At four year's old he was already making his own radio mixtapes but quickly discovered his father's record collection. He was instantly hooked and soon started spending his precious pocket money on vinyl. This led him naturally to getting his first turntables. Although enjoying spinning other peoples music Christopher soon found out that he was more interested in making his own tracks. Eventually he set up an underground studio together with his brother and a friend. It was there where he found out his natural ability to play live with his hardware and started performing on stage. He then moved to New York for a while where he started his infamous 'CHRiS mo'MiLLS REMiX' project, Grand Theft Audio, still being played today on Youtube. Once back in Amsterdam he has continued composing, remixing and performing live. His style has become very broad and eclectic. This has evolved today into a deep progressive techno sound with a lot of percussion, melody and elements of House music. In 2008 Christopher Ivor teamed up with vocalist and performer Prudence Madison to form the electronic-duo 'Nightowl Academy', an ongoing collaboration to this day. Furthermore he is also one half of the energetic live-act 'The Nine Lives' and co-founder of Stichting HENK, an organization well known for it's live electronic events in and around Amsterdam. In 2011 he introduced the world to Johnny's Gone Wrong, releasing the album 'Shuffle Pop' online, through his 'moveyourmolecules' netlabel. 2012 was year he decided it was time to start releasing his studio material. The first release 'Suicide People' came out on Comport Records, a moody rework of 'Gloomy Sunday', with more to come in 2013. Experience, dedication and a lot of passion has made his work quite unique in a world of often generic sounding dance music. He strongly believes that original creativity and true expression come straight from the heart. It's a feeling...
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