Chorris (NL)

Chorris (Jurriaan Pijpers) has been a working DJ for some 20 years now. Influenced by local heroes like Dimitri from Amsterdam, and with an inbuilt love of music passed on from his church organist father, he put down his childhood flute to pick up some SL1210s and a mixer instead! “I’ve always loved house music.” He says, his first experience’s of dance music were at the school disco's were the DJ would occasionally play a house tune, it wasn’t until later when he was invited by a friend to visit a house party that he truly began to understand the power of house music, and he vowed to learn how to mix and take people on sonic journey of enlightenment. Fast forward to now, and we find Jurriaan hosting his own night called "Chorris invites.." at the world famous ClubNL in Amsterdam, as well as gigs around the city. His influences now are in the form of Isreali superstar Guy J, techno supremo Marco Carola and local guy Oliver Weiter. His style covers many genres but mostly centres on the deeper end of tech house and techno. What's clear from even a few moments talking with this plucky Dutchman, is his unwavering love for the music and the scene. Living smack bang in the middle of a world clubbing Mecca hasn’t hurt his chances either, Amsterdam is a buzz of tourists, locals and day trippers, and that joyous, happy energy is very clearly transposed into his incendiary DJ sets.
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