Bass Collectors (NL)

Bass Collectors (Minitech Recordings/Technostate Inc.) is a techno DJ/Producer from the northern part of the Netherlands. Performing live on stage Bass Collectors has a clear preference for the underground sound within techno. Every set comes to you with sheer force, bright vocals and a hard pounding bass. To that extent the energetic sound of this passionate techno lover fully captures the heart and soul of modern techno. Bass Collectors officially started as a techno duo in 2015. Continued performing as a solo act in 2019. His success rose to the next level in 2017 with performances at venues like De Lichtfabriek (Haarlem), Paradiso Noord (Amsterdam), Club JACK (Amsterdam), Magistrat (Den Haag), Spot48 (Luxembourg), Kultur Projekt (München), Bullitt Club (München) and John Doe (Amsterdam). Privileged to share stages with great artists such as Dave Clarke, Loco & Jam, Devid Dega, Juliet Fox, Miss Djax, Noseda, Dolby D, Steve Mulder, Minitech Project, Zett Feral and many more. Bass Collectors is founder/owner of the Technostate Inc. concept. Besides organizing techno events on a frequent basis throughout the Netherlands, he also hosts a weekly radio show called 'Technostate Inc. Radio Showcase' on Diesel.FM in Miami. This showcase is broadcasted every Monday from 07PM till 10PM CEST Europe Time (UTC+1) and 01PM till 04PM DST USA Time.
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