Baskerville (NL)

Dutch producer duo Baskerville is kicking ass and taking names. Many dancefloors around Europe have witnessed this thrilling electro crossover performance, and the list is only getting longer. Even before debut-album ‘Disco Biscuits’ was released in 2010, these guys left heavy impressions at Sziget festival two years in a row and various other festivals and parties in homeland The Netherlands, such as Lowlands. Their two EP’S, (Devils Town EP and Gimme 5) released by Bart B More's Secure Recordings, created commotion on the web and got the support of Congorock, Bart B More, TWR72, Tiesto, Fakeblood, Laidback Luke, Switch, NT89 a.o. Recent shows at Amsterdam Dance Event, Leeds and Freeze Festival were huge successes and set the pace for the upcoming year. Baskerville consists of Thijs van der Klugt and Bart Possemis. Their background as performing musicians helps them create a unique sound. That, as well as connecting with a broad audience, allows them to be creative in sound and execution. Most of the time they perform as a duo. Cutting up their tracks and adding new sounds on the spot. On special occasions they bring their friends, which may include vocalist Bade and live drums. In any enrollment, Baskerville knows the way of the dancefloor.
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