Tommy Kornuijt

Tommy Kornuijt

Tommy Kornuijt is an Amsterdam based deejay/producer who has made quite a name for himself the last years with his (deep) approach on modern dance music.
He began hi
s journey of discovery through electronic music/techno in the late 90’s.
During this period he was a drummer/percussionist in a band called “El papa dopa” which sprung up in the south of Holland. His love of house music, however, has always been prevelant and very quickly he became one of the founder members of the infamous underground parties happening in the south of Holland.
It wasn’t untill much later though, after a move to Amsterdam that he began buying records, throwing down tracks and spinning on the club circuit.
These days Tommy rocks the dance floors all over Europe.
He loves to play long (4 hour +) sets. Doing so he gets to take the crowd on a deep meditative journey through techno land, combining deep abstract organic sounds & techno grooves with timeless House- Detroit- Chicago-tracks.
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