Sacha Harland

Sacha Harland

Sacha Harland was born on the 26th of December, 1992. His passion for dance music started that very day. It would be all he would hear on the Dutch radio back then. Apart from the fact that it had always been a huge factor in his upbringing, he would grow up to develop a personal love for music. He always dreamt of putting out his own productions, so in his early teenage years he started to make his own music. It might have been very basic, but something real had been set in motion.

Finally, in 2009, he pursued a serious career in production, therefore deciding his music needed a more professional approach. He managed to succesfully adapt to using new tools in production and could hence start the build of his own sound.

At the start, the range of his productions reached from progressive House to Techno, meaning he has got an inside scoop for every sub genre. When Sacha realised that nine out of ten of the parties and festivals he went to played Techno, he decided to change his productions to a more techy sound, yet not forgetting about his Deep House artist works.

Aside from working on his own productions, Sacha Harland is also vividly active in the DJ circuit. Fact is, he has always had a dream of performing live in front of a large crowd, which has been his greatest drive for all these years.

The Hague is a start, but the mission is to tour The Netherlands and to become a brand name throughout the entire world.

Sacha is the first of the Kollektiv residents to release on newly founded Kollektiv Records. His first EP "Synapse" had been released on his home label on March 28th, 2015.
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