Amsterdam Dance Event

18/19/20/21/22 Oct 2017

Olaf Boswijk

Olaf Boswijk

Olaf is the mastermind behind Trouw and one of Amsterdam’s most influential nightlife figures. Leading the way as club owner, dj and booker, he has established a fresh, more diverse and cutting edge sound in the city. His work, part of which also included being responsible for the creative direction and booking of former Club 11, has raised the bar of what is considered a “good night out in Amsterdam” substantially. Boswijks strong musical vision has helped to introduce artists like A^me, Dixon and Trentemoller to the Dutch dance scene.

By focussing on the deeper, groovier and more jacking spectrum of electronic dance music, Olaf creates exactly that slow- burning madness that works incredibly well on the more sophisticated dancefloors. His Sunday residency at Trouw is a favour- ite night of many locals for that exact reason. Growing demand for this DJ nationally and internationally is no coincidence.
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