Jaydee started his career on national radio under his real name Robin Albers before opening a club in Vianen, called the 'Binnenplaats' where he was also a resident. The music was progressive house and lots of famous Dutch/Belgium deejays performed there. In 1992 came the success of Plastic Dreams. It became number one in the USA, Italy, Belgium, France, Spain, Brazil, Japan and many more countries. It made him a globe trotter. He showed his skills all over the world. In 1997 Jaydee was also the producer of the worldwide hit “Fiesta” from the Sunclub. His underground outings were “Karnak - Black Moon and White Rain” on Tribal USA later Twisted. In 2000 Jaydee was one of the founders and Director of ID&T Radio. During that period he hosted 'For those who like to Groove' .Michel de Hey, Jochem Paap, DJ Jean, Erik E, and many more were on his guest list at that time. During this same period he was the label owner of First Impression, which included signings with Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL and Goodmen. At this moment Robin Albers is the owner of “Dutch DJ School” and Board member of Dutchdjbooking.com, A&R Manager from DDB Tracks and Streamin Music. Read more

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