Amsterdam Dance Event

18/19/20/21/22 Oct 2017

Gunnar Gunnsteinsson

Gunnar Gunnsteinsson

Gunnar Gunnsteinsson was born in Iceland in the year 1989. He started attending music school at the age of 6 playing the recorder. He later studied saxophone and double bass and then moved to Amsterdam to study composition. There he mostly focussed on electronics and performance practise often including spoken word along with music.

After graduating from Amsterdam conservatory in the summer of 2015, Gunnar has released an LP and started a podcast series called The Musicosmology Etudes, which he also performs live. Gunnar has enjoyed a number of collaborations in the recent months and years, mostly with people coming from different backgrounds: visual artist and dancers, for example.
Gunnar has played with many bands and groups, both as a session player or as a permanent member, for example: Orphic Oxtra, Útidúr, Bertel!, Me the Slumbering Napoleon as well as a couple of symphonic orchestras and marching bands.
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