Chris Hirose

Chris Hirose

"My creative process is both complex and simple. The complexities
arise when I try to understand it. It's like trying to describe the
sensation of feelings; one is b
etter suited just experiencing it for
oneself. But it becomes simple when I let go and surrender to it."
Born as the son of a German mother and a Japanese Father in Lima
the capital city along the pacific coast of Peru, Chris Hirose learned to
deal with antagonisms. It's due to this dialectic that he has mastered
the art of combing different cultural influences and musical concepts
into a powerful and well-rounded formula. This is not only reflected in
his multilayered DJ sets but also in his productions. He likes to
deconstruct rhythms, loops and tunes and fuse them into a new
entity. A metronomic kick drum serves as a canvas on which various
sonic textures are applied to. Mixed with sublime dexterity, he moves
from deft melodies and atmospheric shifts into coarse synths.
All in all his output has a pleasing depth no matter if it's geared only
towards the dance-floors or simply to the listener's ears.
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