Cardboard Motel

Cardboard Motel

Sound, of all things, is the most important offspring of Cardboard Motel’s imagination. Sound should be in constant flux. Sound comes alive through deep, melodic and intelligent compositions. Whether in a band, as a live-act or DJ-set, sound should flirt with different genres like funk, disco, house and techno. Finally, sound is the only way for Cardboard Motel to make sense of the world and stop worrying about his numerous other creative addictions.

This might explain why Cardboard Motel’s frequencies don’t confine themselves to stages. They set the stage for visualisations, theatre and other cross-disciplinary collaborations. Amongst listeners were the audiences at Harry Klein Club, Melkweg and the Amsterdam Fashion Week.

“I'm always looking for a sound that's both familiar and innovative,” Cardboard Motel reflects upon his music. “But harmony and melody are highly important to my sound.” One thing is for sure; this young producer creates with vision and is here to stay. His music doesn’t start by pressing play, but by creating an environment that suits the moment.
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